Teeth Whitening At Home .. Is Idol White Really the Best Teeth Whitening Product?

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Hi, I used to smoke and drink a whole lot. Yeah, I know, so bad for your health, but that was my chosen lifestyle. It’s what all my friends liked to do, so I felt comfortable doing exactly the same on a very regular basis.

You know how it goes. When you are younger, you feel that no matter what you do, you’ll always look young and attractive. You don’t really care about bad habits and the sort of effects those bad habits may be having on your body — your physical appearance. You don’t think about that until it’s too late.

But when you enjoy those sort of habits, they certainly can have a negative impact on your teeth. My teeth became worn and discolored. I really started to worry about them.

Worry about my appearance.

I was so conscious about the staining on my teeth that I started to hide my smile behind my hands. In fact, I tried not to smile at all, and when I did, it looked more like a grimace. I was so embarrassed. And I was also regretful that I’d not cared more about my teeth over the years.

It came to a point when I thought I simply had to do something about it. I couldn’t go on like this. I couldn’t live my day to day life hiding my face from people, afraid that someone might stare at my teeth if I opened my mouth a little too widely. I wasn’t even confident enough to smile properly. It was just too much. I lost all my self-confidence.

Well, I looked everywhere, both online and in the local shopping stores, for the best and most affordable teeth whitening product. Comparing them all, reviewing them all, this and that, trying different products and failing with them. There are just so many teeth whitening products to choose from, that it’s really difficult to know what one will actually work, and which are the ones that are best to be avoided altogether.

After being totally disappointed with two different whitening products which were supposed to be really good, I did find the whitening tooth kit that I can use safely and effectively from my home.

And I’m now a big fan too. It’s called Idol White!

This product has in no-way disappointed me. The outcome has been really awesome. I don’t know if you can tell by looking at the video, but my teeth have become really white since I began to use Idol White teeth whitening pen. And that’s such a big difference to how they looked before. They were more yellow than white.

I got two pens and I used them over a thirty day period. And they are the best teeth whiteners I’ve found by far.

Certainly beats going to the dentist, where you can end up paying way too much money for cosmetic dentistry services. Of course, I looked into teeth whitening services offered by my dentist, but when she told me how much it was going to cost, I almost had a heart attack. There’s simply no chance that I could afford that kind of money.

And this is obviously is another reason I’m so happy to have found a home teeth whitening product that really does work. It’s so, so much cheaper than cosmetic dental services which are offered by dental practices.

If you want a teeth whitening at home kit, where you don’t have to go to an expensive dentist because you can do it all yourself, then check these pens out by clicking on the link just below the video.

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Now its time for you to get started with teeth whitening at home .

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