Teeth Whitening at Home – Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Reviews

Visit http://maryannelle183.blogspot.com to see how I did my teeth whitening at home with before and after pictures. (Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Reviews)

About Me:
I enjoy drinking coffee, tea, soda and eating out for lunch. And after years of neglecting my teeth, they suddenly started to affect my day-to-day life. Gradually the stains on my teeth became worse (without me actually noticing), but I did start to notice that my friends were making sarcastic remarks about the color of my teeth.

I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t and wouldn’t let myself smile. It turned into a huge problem which affected my personal and professional life.

But after using Bella Labs Teeth Whitening for just 5 days, I couldn’t believe the results! My teeth turned white by at least 3 shades in no time at all. The best part: NO PAIN or SENSITIVITY!

Read my blog to learn more: http://maryannelle183.blogspot.com

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