Teeth Whitening at home BEFORE and AFTER

You know how you see these things on Instagram – the teeth whitening things? The one that comes with the gel and the light, and you’re like…umm does that really work?? WELL. In this video, I give it a shot! Pearly Whites sent me their teeth whitening kit, and I was probably like you guys – a bit skeptical. I checked their Instagram, and it looked legit, so in I went!

Now. Just FYI, this was only after ONE application. Apparently you can do one application per week over four weeks, but once that one month is complete, you’re only recommended to do it once a month – max. I’m pretty happy with the results actually! I don’t even know if I’ll go in for the second treatment right away…I might give it a few months’ wait seeing as I’m cool for now having gone from a 6-8 to a 3-4 (this scale is up to 15, and the lower the number, the better). Overall?? Pearly Whites Teeth Whitening Kit gets a thumbs up from me!!


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