Teeth Whitening and Teeth Whitening Testimonials

http://www.smile-tech.co.uk – In this video you can see some real life testimonials taken from Smile Tech customers following their teeth whitening treatment. Smile Tech is a specialist teeth whitening provider who employs Dentists to undertake teeth whitening treatments in popular shopping centres across the country. As you can see from these testimonials this teeth whitening treatment appeals to all different types of people, whether old or young, male or female — everyone here agrees that they feel better and look better with whiter teeth following their teeth whitening treatment at Smile Tech.
Unlike some other providers, Smile Tech Ltd is a specialist cosmetic teeth whitening service who employ Dentists to undertake teeth whitening treatments. Smile Tech cosmetic teeth whitening was established in 2009 and has since treated over 20,000 clients and given them the whiter, brighter smile they have always dreamed of making them a leading expert in the field of cosmetic teeth whitening.
Teeth whitening is now very popular in the UK and due to the increased demand for professional teeth whitening services at affordable prices, Smile Tech is a must for any individual wishing to achieve and maintain a whiter more beautiful smile, in a safe and professional environment. Smile Tech offers its clients the very latest in teeth whitening technology with teeth whitening treatments undertaken by Dentists, without hefty price tag often associated with teeth whitening in a Dental clinic.
The teeth whitening treatment provided by Smile Tech Ltd includes a free consultation with a Dentist, the consultation determines whether a client is suitable for treatment, there are contraindications to a teeth whitening treatment, for example we will not perform a teeth whitening treatment if a client is under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, if they have gum disease, extensive plaque build-up or if they are allergic to any of the products we use. A client may also be unsuitable for teeth whitening if they have extensive flurosis or if any of their teeth are non-vital. This free consultation is a very important part of the process and the Dentist will either confirm that you are suitable for the teeth whitening treatment, or be able to advise you on a more suitable course of action to get you the whiter teeth you desire, like one of the advanced home care products. The consultation is followed by an oral examination to assess the health of the mouth and ascertain whether the client is healthy enough to undergo teeth whitening — most people with a good level of oral hygiene are suitable for the treatment. The Dentist will then take the current shade of your teeth on a standard shade guide and record this on the consultation form.
After the Dentist has determined that a client is suitable for teeth whitening and has taken a shade analysis, we can move on to the set-up stage of the process. The Dentist will place a bib on the client and ask them to use an oral brush up wipe to remove any debris from their teeth. A cheek retractor is then placed into the mouth to hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth and a liquid gum dam is applied to the gums and cured on using a curing light. Following this, the Dentist will protect all of the soft tissue of the lips, and inner cheeks with gauze, thus completely isolating the teeth for the teeth whitening treatment. Following the set- up, a desensitizing agent is applied to the teeth to act as a barrier to sensitivity and to hydrate the teeth ready for treatment. Then the teeth whitening treatment is ready to happen. A special MP3 laser headset is placed on the client to offer them music during the teeth whitening treatment, then a hydrogen peroxide gel is placed onto the teeth and a cold blue LED light is placed into the front of the head-set. The client is given two 10 minute sessions on the light, and then the hydrogen peroxide gel is changed. This happens three times in total for a standard teeth whitening session meaning that the treatment itself last for one hour. The Dentist will then remove the last set of gel and the light and will ask the client to rinse out their mouth with water. The Dentist will then ascertain how successful the teeth whitening treatment has been during this session, they will re-shade the teeth with the standard shade guide and make a note of the result on the consultation form. Again, the client is involved in this process and will initial the end shade to show that they agree with the shade analysis and teeth whitening result. The typical teeth whitening result a client can expect, based on our client base of over 20,000 is around five to eight shades lighter, although different people will respond to the hydrogen peroxide gel differently depending on their age and the type of staining on their teeth. So why not book in today and get on the way to a whiter, brighter smile today with the experts at Smile Tech cosmetic teeth whitening.

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