Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System


Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System features:

Instant benefits: Teeth are going to noticeably whiten after only one 5-minute procedure.
When you finish 5 days: Expertly whiter teeth, without any sensitivity. Quick, risk-free and very successful outcomes resulting from complex ionic technology.
360┬░ Full Whitening: The only method using a double-biting tray to whiten both front and rear teeth simultaneously.
No Sensitivity: Enamel-safe ionic technology delivers optimum whitening effects with no sensitivity or discomfort.User friendly: Hands-free mouth-tray device is comfortable and soft.
Reusable: Unit can be used again, with extra enhancer packages of gel offered for a smile enhance or normal smile routine maintenance.
Thoroughly clean, Refreshing Feeling: Procedure successfully gets rid of bacteria, cuts down tartar accumulation, and prevents bad breath. Results in your mouth feeling fresh, cool and clean.

How long Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System results last? Personal results will be different depending on how old you are, natural color of teeth, and your intake habits of red wine, tea, coffee, smoking and use of certain medications.

You won’t find any negative effects while employing the Pearl. Medical study confirmed no sensitivity, soreness or pain. Having said that, it is essential to utilize the Pearl as instructed and only with the Pearl ionic whitening gel. Incorrect use can lead to these unwanted effects:

Gum or lip tenderness, moderate pain or burning experience: In such a circumstance, natural relief should happen in just day or two without having therapies.
Higher tooth sensitivity: Natural relief should take place in several days without any therapy.

Best Teeth Whitener — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWojS-2nDcw

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