should you use whitening strips? – tips for whitening teeth

should you use whitening strips? – tips for whitening teeth
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As times change, the solutions of getting white teeth vary greatly. Among these common solutions, whitening strips are being used by more and more people now; the material of the whitening strips comes from polyethylene; because this material contains hydrogen peroxide, when you are applying these strips onto the teeth, they will humidify your teeth through instant chemical reactions; in this process, the formation of a mild acid occurs to get rid of some teeth stains.
However, this method is also not omnipotent. Before deciding to use white strips, you had better visit a dentist to figure out the causes of your discolored or stained teeth, then you could consider whether you should use whitening strips or other methods; in fact, whitening strips just work for the removal of yellow stains on teeth, but grey or brown teeth are hard to remove if you still resort to them.
In the use of whitening strips, you should note theirs instructions. Only when you really know how to utilize whitening strips, they could yield positive results for you. Furthermore, whitening strips may not fit for the long term use, because they may damage the teeth enamel and the tissue below the gums. The prolonged application of them could make teeth a little transparent and lead to a darker look; and exposing your gums to those strips may also result in irritation.
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