SERIOUSLY Whiten Teeth at Home, Less Than $10 (No Gimmick!)

TOP FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION OF ALL TIME (next to “are your eyelashes real”) – how are your teeth so white, and what did I do to get them white. Well I’m finally getting around to talking about helpful tips, tricks and things you can do to get and KEEP your teeth white at home, for less than 10 bucks!

I can’t tell you if this will cause sensitivity for you or not as everyone’s teeth are different. I’m nowhere near a dentist, just sharing a helpful at home remedy I grew up on. However, I can assure that this method is not nearly as harsh or stripping as at home and professional teeth whitening treatments!

For more photos, tutorials, and a list of all the products used visit my BLOG!

If anyone actually reads this I want to start playing a game with yall. Many of you are starting to catch on to my silly personality and funky colloquialisms. In the comment section down below I want you to quote your favorite line from this video, and that’s it lol that way I can have an on-going game with my subscribers :)

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