Rockstar White Teeth Whitening System Review
How is Rockstar White’s system different from other whitening systems?
Our whitening gel is the highest concentration of whitening solution on the market to allow the quickest results possible.
Our gels are high energy but made safe with the use of antioxidants, to protect the gums, and a desensitizers, for the teeth.
Our gel size is one of the largest quantities on the market allowing over 27 treatments!
Our Whitening gel is worn in custom-fitted trays that you can use without a dental lab. The trays fit over your teeth for use of 1-2 hours per day, or even overnight. Many people notice an immediate whitening of their teeth within a few hours of bleaching.
We do not use any animal products in our gels.
Our products are NOT tested on animals.
Our products are made in the USA.
Our products are kosher.
Our products contain natural ingredients.
Glycerin Carbomer, Carbamide Peroxide, aloe vera, potassium.–high-energy-teeth-whitening.html

FTC: I received this product complimentary to review from the company.

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