Rembrandt 2- Hour Whitening – Review + Demo

I would say this is a good touch up kit- not a major whitening regimen– for someone who likes REALLY white teeth. I noticed the biggest difference when I was in sunlight, wearing red lipstick. My smile looks fresh and bright, and the white is a very natural looking white. I think this product helped remove surface stains (my teeth seem smoother…does that make sense? Like the stains are gone, so they’re all one color lol) but I don’t know if I can say they’re majorly white. I’m satisfied with the results–especially since this only took two hours and cost less than –but again if you’re look for a blindingly white smile, this is not the product for you.

My teeth do feel a little bit sensitive, and my gums are ever-so-slightly irritated because I said in the video, I used the whole tube and not just a thin layer that the instructions suggestion. My bad lol

Overall, I’m very happy with the results but I’m not certain I would opt for this exact kit again in the future.

What whitening kit do you guys like best? Let me know so I can try it next time!

This kit is cheapest here:

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