Professional Teeth Whitening at Home – Unboxing & Review!

Smile Brilliant:

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Making your impressions:

• Do one at a time!

• Use a mirror to ensure you have centered your teeth in the impression tray

• Place your thumbs on either side of the blue tray. Press firmly, as evenly as possible.

• More help: Impression Pointers

Best steps for whitening with Smile Brilliant:

1. Floss and brush teeth with only water (do not use toothpaste because the fluoride in it will act as a barrier and slow the whitening process)

2. Whiten for 1-3 hours. Start with shorter sessions and work your way up to leaving your trays on longer as your teeth are comfortable (especially if teeth are sensitive)

3. Brush teeth with toothpaste as normal. Rinse the whitening gel from trays with cool water and fully dry them (a Q-tip works well).

4. Apply desensitizing gel to trays.

5. Remove trays. Do not rinse, eat, drink, or brush. Simply swish the excess desensitizing gel and spit. This should leave a thin layer of the desensitizing gel on your teeth.

6. Sleep! We recommend whitening before bed so the desensitizing gel has time to absorb into teeth (and you will not be introducing any food/drink that may re-stain)!

How much Smile Brilliant gel do I need? How often should I whiten?

Most people need 7-14 applications, once per day (or every other day), for 1-3 hours per application. This depends on the severity of stains and the length of each application. If you have sensitive teeth, shorter applications are recommended, but do keep in mind that it may take more time to achieve stain-free teeth. Consistency is also important to achieve the best results!

Each syringe has enough gel for 3-4 applications (one application = both top and bottom mouthpieces). You may not need all of the syringes we send you initially, so hang onto them in order to maintain your results in months to come

Will whitening damage my teeth/gums?

No! Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body and consists of tiny microscopic tubules or pores. Even though enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth, the layer of tissue beneath the enamel, called dentin, absorbs the majority of stains. During the whitening process, the pores open in order for the whitening gel to reach the inner tooth tissue and diffuse the stains.

Gum irritation is common when whitening, but there is an easy solution! If your gums are becoming irritated, you may need to use less whitening gel. If whitening gel does get on your gums, simply wipe it away with a Q-tip or tissue. Another solution: spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly or coconut oil on your gums prior to inserting your trays. This will act as a barrier between your gums and the whitening gel.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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