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Seeing bluish colored enamel on teeth is an indication of a really serious issue.

What Bluish Enamel Means

It is common for gums and teeth that touch whitening gel to look white-colored. However if you simply observe that the enamel in your teeth includes a bluish tint this means that the dentin of the teeth is uncovered. Dentin may be the bony tissue that lies underneath the enamel on the tooth. If you’re seeing bluish colored tissue in your tooth this means that bleaching has destroyed the enamel with that tooth. Once that enamel continues to be destroyed there’s not a way to replace it all. Enamel can there be to safeguard the dentin and also the pulp of the tooth therefore if the enamel is finished this means that the tooth is vulnerable to damage, infection, and you’ll eventually lose that tooth.

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