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This is a video about my crooked teeth and adult braces.
I talk about the insecurities they have cause me and how my crooked teeth held me back in my adult life.

I hope everybody understands that these issues Need to be taken care of in the Teenage Years. They just get worse with time. Once a tooth starts to get out of place, it will continually get worse as you go in life.

I feel sorry for anybody out there with insecurity issues because of their teeth or dental problems and I hope this video can inspire you to get the help you need. No matter how old you are, or how bad your dental problems are… They Can Be Fixed! :)

If you are watching this and you know someone that needs dental work, I urge you to mentor them and help them get the process started.

Do not let people look down on your friends or family because of their teeth! Do something to help them live a happier life! :)

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Thank You for all of the Support, from my Health Issues, Braces, Marriage, Raising Children to Working Out and Staying Positive.:)

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