Listerine–Professional Dentist Recommended Teeth Whitening, Oral Hygiene,…

Say hello to Cristina lee. Hey everyone now i Will be presented in front of you the benefits of using mouthwashes and Harmful aspects for not using mouthwashes.
A flavored, usually antiseptic solution used for cleaning the mouth and freshening the breath and smelling fresh is called mouthwash. WE know also it as well as Listerine mouthwashes. everyday we brushes our teeth without using mouthwash .but Brushing Only Cleans 25% Of our Mouth. thats why we need to use Listerine mouth wash or any other mouth washes.…

For not using mouthwashes day by day damaging our tooth enamel, making teeth weaken, producing bad breath germs.
The main purpose of Listerine mouth wash or any other mouth wash to plaque control and fight bad breath.
Mouth washes are very good in maintaining oral hygiene.
it makes the teeth 50% more stronger and Helps to prevent cavity. it also helps to restores damaged enamel, Kills bad breath germs,refreshes mouth, and also reduces dental plaque and gingitivitis, cleans the whole mouth etc.. finally Listerine mouth wash makes your teeth strong.

Use Listerine mouth wash or any other mouth wash after brushing twice daily for 24-hour protection from gum disease-causing bacteria.

These mouth washes are not very harmful but they are not harmless too. Like the perfumes we use, they have both bad and good aspects, causes drying effect in mouth.
Now you can also get a complimentary gift card to get a year’s supply of Listerine! mouthwash just visiting the link below.
Thank You very much for watching the videos…

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