Is tooth whitening bad for enamel? – Dr. Sowmya Vijapure

Bleaching or teeth whitening is a procedure done to get a brighter teeth. People who want a brighter smile can go for this. Lot of factors are considered before doing a bleaching. So commonly people who have a sensitive teeth are not so very indicated patients for getting a bleaching done. People who have the complaints of discolorations or who feel that their teeth are looking dull can go for this treatment. After bleaching after one week, people may experience sensitivity and that may be considered as normal expected after bleaching. In bleaching procedure we use very mild chemicals that act over the discoloration of the tooth. So they remove off all the discolorations of the tooth. So it is not very harmful for the enamel but repeated with span of 3 months or so. So once in a while getting a bleaching is not harmful to the enamel. So you can get a bleaching whenever it is necessary and results are quite good. So you can go for it. Try to get a brighter and a dazzling smile. It is got when you get a bleaching done.

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