Howto: Pearly White Teeth!

No I have never had my teeth whitened professionally & I have never used any at home kits to whiten my teeth.
The only whitening product I’ve used is my toothpaste (Crest Whitening Expressions) with my toothbrush, on a daily basis.

Since I have a darker skin tone, & use bright lights in my videos, the contrast between skin/teeth from the lighting makes my teeth look extra super bright white. That ladies & gents is my secret.

I don’t smoke, or drink coffee/tea which also helps in keeping my teeth stain free.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, you probably shouldn’t watch this

Also DO NOT use Clorox bleach pen on your teeth!!! If you even had to think about doing anything I mentioned in this video or if that would work or not I suggest you go read a book, & eat some brain food.
I repeat: DO NOT try to use chlorine bleach for anything other than its intended use.

To block out my teeth I just used Kryolan’s black tooth enamel.

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