How To Whiten Your Teeth + Kit Giveaway! Results Better Than Whitening Strips!

My 400th Video! Open description for contest rules! Contest runs Monday July 25, 2016 until Monday August 1, 2016.

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Winner will receive the same kit I used in the video. Basic Teeth Whitening Kit valued at .99.


For those of you are are interested in more about this company some of the top interesting things that set this company apart and reasons I agreed to this review was that they have been in the dental industry for 30 year, specific teeth whitening for 12 years. Something else that is nice is that it s manufacturer and shipped domestically (Florida). The gel is certified kosher and they do not test on animals for those who are mindful of these details.

On Day 4 of testing this out was when I really improved with my teeth whitening process I was not impressed until the first 1 hour of treatment. I could not stop looking at how much better it looked. For me my teeth are crooked and whitening strips did not work well even expensive ones. So that’s just my two cents let me know if you guys have used something that worked well that I should check out.

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