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Vanity Planet Active Teeth Whitening:
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Hey Yall! In this video im going to show you how to whiten your teeth in 15 minutes with this awesome teeth whitening kit from Vanity Planet. Basically it’s a “How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home” Super easy, with a few simple steps. I hope yall like it.

More About Vanity Planet Teeth Whitening Kit:

Only takes 15 minutes
Visible results in just 3 days, Up to 5 shades whiter
Get up to 6 treatments
Made in the USA
Simple with no mess
Painless because of the desensitizer that gets mixed in

DUAL BARREL SYRINGE separates and applies solution at its strongest, most active state by mixing its contents only at the moment of application, PATENTED MIX TIP ensures the two solutions mix thoroughly at release

USES DENTIST-LEVEL TECHNOLOGY to remove stains for a noticeably brighter smile

SILICONE MOUTHPIECE is easy to use at home, you simply insert solution and place in mouth—no boiling, heat-molding, or LED light is required

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