How To KEEP Your Teeth White – Teeth Whitening Routine

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Hey guys, Thanks so much for coming to watch my channel this week. So an awesome subscriber of mine named Luis (he’s Instagram is really cool) asked me to do an update on my teeth whitening routine.

Now I actually get asked SO often how I keep my teeth white which is really weird considering I drink SO much coffee like you wouldn’t believe. However, the process I use is actually really simple.
Firstly, in order for me to get my teeth in a really white state, I find it most beneficial to use a teeth whitening system. Although you can achieve white teeth using normal practices I find a teeth whitening system really adds that extra “WOW” glow.

The teeth whitening kit I use is from Smile Brilliant. Now just over a year ago I had the honour of working with Smile Brilliant, they have worked with many large YouTubers like Danielle Mansutti and The Gentlemen’s Cove. They are prestige teeth whitening company who offer one of the best teeth whitening systems I’ve ever seen.
Most other teeth whitening kits I’ve tried require you to drop the trays is hot water and mould them to your teeth at home, but Smile Brilliant offer a service just like you’d get at the dentist.

So what they do is send you a package that contains your teeth whitening gel, your desensitising gel and a set moulding putty capsules to create a perfect impression of your teeth. After you’ve created your teeth moulds, you send them back to them in the post to Smile Brilliant and they then create your very own set of custom-made teeth whitening trays. This feature is extremely useful as it allows the whitening gel to spread easily and evenly amongst your teeth, which gives a consistent and glowing result :)

So using a teeth whitening kit like Smile Brilliant is the first thing I do to get the white teeth, but now how do I keep them white? Well there’s a large number of things I do to keep my teeth white and they are as follows:

Colgate Advanced Whitening Tartar Control Toothpaste –
This toothpaste is serious a hidden gem in Colgate’s range, it certainly does not get enough rave.

An Electric Toothbrush –
I think electric toothbrushes are vastly underestimated. Not only do they make the cleaning process easier but they actually do a better job! I’m not even kidding, for the majority of my life every time I’ve gone to the dentist I’ve needed some sort of filling or work and after using an electric toothbrush I’ve been for 2 visits and not needed any work… go figure. I strongly suggest you invest in one.

Dental Floss –
Dental floss is another vital part in keep your oral hygiene under control. It not only helps get rid of all the garbage that gets stuck in your gums but it also helps boosts the health of them. When the gums are healthier they appear a rich pink colour that naturally compliments white. By using my other 3 suggestions along with keeping your gums healthy can also help in making your teeth seem significantly whiter.

So that’s my updated teeth whitening routine guys, very simple and manageable.

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