How To Get Really White Teeth Naturally! Whiten Teeth Fast – 100% Guaranteed Results

Big Yellow Teeth” seriously affect a person’s good look! I would like to share with you a fast and easy method to whiten the teeth to restore your once charming smile! You may have heard about “tea-stain teeth”and “coffee teeth”. These are all due to food residue left on the teeth which is not speedily removed. Over a long period, they form into tartar or plaque and discolour the teeth.

Have you heard about “tea-stain teeth” and “coffee teeth”? These are all due to food residue left on the teeth and not speedily removed by brushing. Over a long period they become dental plaque and turn the teeth yellowish. Dental plaque does not only negatively affect the good look of our teeth, it can also cause gums inflammation and other oral health problems. Therefore dental plaque must be removed.

But ordinary daily brushing cannot really totally solve this “yellow teeth” problem. I would like to share with you an easy and effective dental plaque removal method. You can do this at home at your own convenience to cleanse and whiten your teeth.

1. Whiten teeth naturaly by using strawberries
Ingredients: 1 strawberry fruit
½ teaspoon baking powder
Method: – Grind the strawberry to paste form and mix thoroughly
with the baking powder.
– Use a soft toothbrush to apply this mixture evenly on
the teeth.
– After 5 minutes, use toothbrush to brush away the
– Then rinse your mouth. Do this 1 -2 times a week.

Strawberries contain malic acid which can remove dental stains. When malic acid and baking powder are mixed together they form a natural dental detergent which can remove coffee, red wine and coca-cola stains left on the surface of the teeth.

2. Using squid bone to remove dental plaque
Ingredient: squid bone
Method: Grind the squid bone into powder. Using this powder as toothpaste with a toothbrush.
The result is seen almost instantly.
A squid has a big bone at the centre of its body. It is white in colour. If you use your finger nail to scratch it, you can see a lot of white powder coming out. Use this powder in place of toothpaste and your teeth will become white.

3. Using yeast powder to remove dental plaque
Ingredient: yeast powder
Method: Whenever you want to wash teeth, add some yeast powder to the toothpaste and you can
whiten the teeth.

(This method is frequently used by the models.)

4. Using lemon skin to remove dental plaque
Another natural teeth-whitening method is to use lemon skin to rub the surface of the teeth. Lemon skin contains citric acid which can break down the protein from the food residue stuck on the teeth. This is an effective teeth whitening method which is worth trying5. Usi.

ng banana peel to remove dental plaque
Banana peel contains potassium, magnesium, manganese and other minerals which are readily absorbed by the teeth and bring about whitening of the teeth. Using the inner surface of the banana peel to gently rub the teeth. After that wait for 10 minutes and then brush the banana shreds away.

6. Using coconut oil to whiten the teeth
Frequent use of coconut oil to rinse the mouth for 10 minutes each time can effectively whiten the teeth. Coconut oil can wash away any substance stuck to the surface of the teeth, thereby giving the teeth a smooth and shiny surface. Furthermore coconut oil can enhance oral health.

7. Using pearl powder to whiten the teeth
It just requires you to daily stick a little bit of pearl powder on the teeth before brushing. Within a few days you will discover your teeth become white as snow. Using suitable amount of pearl powder for this will enable your teeth to become lustrous and smooth.

Lets watch this video and learn how to whiten teeth fast and naturally at home. Lets learn these DIY teeth whitening hacks

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