How I Get My Teeth WHITE with DRUGSTORE Products!

I use a few drugstore products to get my teeth white and keep them white! I should mention too that I have always had white teeth naturally even as a child. As I age though and with the tea, coffee and soda that I drink these products do help keep them nice and white!

Products shown:
Probiotics: (amazon) OR (walmart)

Plus White Toothpaste: (amazon) OR (walmart)

Arched Toothbrush (I use ultra soft): (amazon) OR (walmart)

Plus White Whitening Gel: (amazon) OR (walmart)

My Camera:

This is NOT sponsored at all. These are the products I have been using and loving to keep my teeth white for years and years! I hope they help you too!

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xo Anne

I do use amazon and magic links

I watched Kandee Johnson do her white teeth video and was inspired to share with you what products I use to keep my teeth white.

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