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1. Do you find those teeth whitening strips time consuming, painful, ineffective and a waste of money?
2. Are you like most people who have given up on messy and inconvenient trays?
3. Do you want IMMEDIATE teeth whitening results?
Call us today! 770-977-6340

Flash is in the business of providing high technology, scientifically proven solutions for people to feel good and look good.

Our retail boutique provides teeth whitening services for a wonderful smile, laser lipo services for a great body and, in the near future, relaxation pods for stress reduction and rejuvenation.

People do business with us because of our leading edge technologies that provide exceptional, almost unbelievable outcomes for our clients.

The reason we selected Flash for our name is because Flash stands for “Fast” and “Light”. Our products work Fast and use Light to activate the results.

Flash Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure if done right. Doing it right means using a proper teeth-whitening agent, an easy and effective method of applying the agent to the teeth, and an appropriate accelerator light. Our cosmetic whitening treatment is considered by industry insiders to be the best. The whitening results are impressive and the “Wow!”-factor is huge.

We are the Atlanta distributor of SmileLabs™ who has developed an amazing, NEW teeth whitening process that enables us to bring directly to you a pleasurable treatment experience providing immediate results … up to 10 shades whiter teeth … the same wonderful outcome that dentists provide AT A 70% DISCOUNT.

Come see us at our convenient Northwest Atlanta location near Cumberland Mall and the Galleria. (Plenty of Parking.)
Cumberland Festival Shopping Plaza
2980 Cobb Parkway SE
Suite #172
Atlanta, GA, 30339
HOURS: Tues- Sat 10-7
Sunday and Monday by appointment only

BOOK NOW PRICING See http://www.laserlipoatlanta.com/yt
or call our Atlanta center: 770-977-6338 24/7
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Flash Teeth Whitening Review Atlanta GA
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Flash Teeth Whitening Review Atlanta GA

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