Dynamic Review Presents: Polar Whitening Teeth (couples kit) by Polar

Brand: Polar Pro Whitening Couples kit
Seller: Polar
Available at Amazon: https://www.giveawayservice.com/p/r3j6b4y4/o8a0m6e8k1


I’ve been using whitening strips occasionally since I’m a coffee/tea drinker. And after using this product, I think I like this better. Here’s why:

Although the whitening strips are so easy to use, it does only whiten the parts of the teeth that touches the strip. The in-between of the teeth and those that is not cover will still maintain its color. Also, I’ve experience sharp pain when using whitening strips frequently. The Polar Whitening teeth does have more steps and more stuff to use but I didn’t experience any pain whatsoever. Also, it can cover more parts of the teeth than the strips.

I like that the mouth tray is not so hard to put into your mouth. It’s flexible enough to mold to your mouth and will not make you feel too uncomfortable. The whitening products and the remineralization gel are all in syringe type container that is so easy to use and measure. The LED light is quite easy to use as well. I know some may find it daunting to have multiple steps for whitening but when you get used to it, it will look simple.

As for the effectiveness of the whitening, It is still too early for me to say it is the best but I would say that it lighten my teeth color. I will update my review after the end of the cycle to show the improvement of my teeth. What I really love about the product is the remineralization gel. I helps my teeth to recover from the whitening procedure.

Pro: No sensitivity nor pain, covers more parts of the teeth, post-whitening treatment
Con: more steps

Overall, I really like this product. This is a great deal especially since this is a couples kit. It does work and I didn’t experience any pain or sensitivity on my teeth.

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