Do all teeth whitening procedures cause tooth sensitivity ? – Dr. Nandini Nelivigi

Tooth whitening or bleaching procedures use some kind of chemical agents, usually the peroxides like hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth. Whenever a chemical agents is used, there is some kind of alteration in the surface of the enamel or cementum so hypersensitivity to hot and cold is a common feature. It is seen soon after bleaching. So your dentist would have told you about the sensitivity that would develop because of bleaching and they would advise you some desensitising tooth pastes to lower the sensitivity. However the sensitivity is a transient process which may last for few or a couple of weeks and it will definitely come down in a couple of weeks but a word of caution, if you are using bleaching procedure occasionally, then nothing to worry absolutely, it is absolutely fine. But if you have bad stains on your teeth and you have to get reported bleaching done, to remove away these stains, then bleaching may not be an ideal procedure because repeated bleaching and exposure to chemicals are not good and your dentist may suggest you to get a laminate or a veneer done to get an aesthetic appearance of your front teeth.

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