COXO C-Bright-I Teeth Whitening Machine

The C-Bright-I teeth whitening accelerator is using a strong blue LED light with a specifically wavelength(between 420-480nm), this light activates tooth whitener, which oxidize the tooth stains on both the tooth surface and deep inside the dentin to achieve the effect of teeth whitening.

1. Simple,light and handy molding design
2. Hand-held and fixed dual-use two design,freely to adjust to any angle position
3. Unique semi-circular head design,both arches whitened at the same time,
4. 6 pcs high power LED,fan-cooled
5. 1-30 minutes adjustable timer,3 light intensities,suitable for more brands tooth whitening gel
6. LED screen shows all the information,all the operation is so easy
7. Integrated type is available

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