Best Teeth Whitening in San Diego, Options, Methods

Are you searching for the best teeth whitening methods, options in San Diego? Are your teeth discolored, stained yellow or brown, or chalky in appearance? There are generally 3 teeth whitening options available: over-the-counter whitening that you can purchase at a local store anywhere in San Diego, in-office custom tray whitening, or ZOOM !1-Hour Whitening. All the options have different benefits and drawbacks. The over-the-counter method is the least expensive, but also the least effective; additional drawbacks include increase teeth sensitivity, and possible gum irritation, in addition that it takes 7-14 days to whiten the teeth. The in-office custom tray solution is the next best solution in that its more effective at whitening versus over-the-counter, causes less irritation to your gums, but still takes a significant amount of time to whiten teeth–on average 7-14 days. The final option is laser teeth whitening, or ZOOM! 1-Hour whitening, which is the most effective at whitening teeth in the shortest amount of time. Zoom or laser teeth whitening can be done in approximately 1 hour in the dentist office; it cost slightly more than the other methods, but is definitely the best value considering that your teeth are whitened in about 1 hour. Over the counter methods and custom trays from the dentist take 7-14 days. Unsure of what is best for you? We offer free teeth whitening consultations–call us today. 619-667-3330. Our dental office is located at 6280 Jackson Drive, Ste 2, San Diego CA 92119.

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