Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist Shares her expertise on Teeth Whitening: What gets the best results?

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CBS Atlanta News asks smile expert Dr. Debra Gray King to evaluate the results of over-the-counter teeth whitening.

Well if you have a special occasion coming up, one of the easiest and fastest way to get a better and younger look is to whiten your teeth, but do you have to spend hundreds of dollars to brighten that smile? CBS Atlanta, Stephanie Fisher puts home whiteners to the test.

Stephanie Fisher: Dozens of products line store shelves promising to give you a whiter smile in a matter of hours, but do they work as well as the products used in a dentist’s office? To find out, we went to Dr. Debra King at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Debra King: I think that the over-the-counter products, you can get a result. Now whether or not it’s as good as the professional whitening, that’s hard to say.

Stephanie Fisher: We bought three of the newest products on the market and King rounded up three willing volunteers to test them out. Fist up, Ashley Howl.

Ashley Howl: Having a smile that’s not white can definitely make you uncomfortable.

Stephanie Fisher: She tested the Forever White teeth whitening headset, which retails for . Just paint on the the hydrogen peroxide gel and turn on the blue light. You can even plug in your ipod and listen to music while you whiten, but Ashley said the gum retractor was uncomfortable and there was some unappealing side effects.

Ashley Howl: There was some drool and I would see spots afterwards from the blue light.

Stephanie Fisher: But the true test is, did it whiten her teeth?

Dr. Debra King: You’ve actually gone up four shades.

Stephanie Fisher: Here’s a look at Ashley’s smile before and after.

The least expensive item, Crest Whitestrips Professional Effects. A 20 day supply will cost you about . Dustin Danner said they were easy to use, but he wasn’t a fan.

Dustin Danner: If they touched your gums, it kind of burns.

Stephanie Fisher: He said the sticky strips didn’t fit well; however, they did whiten his teeth.

Dr. Debra King: So, you started off in this range here and then you ended up here.

Stephanie Fisher: So three shades whiter for Dustin, but Dr. King says there was a clear winner.

Dr. King: I would have to say the one that Jan did. She was the one that got the most results.

Stephanie Fisher: Jan Jones tested Go Smiles Go Whiter Speed Whitening System, which promises to whiten up to eight shades in four days.

Jan Jones: It was a really simple process.

Stephanie Fisher: So simple, all you do is paint on a primer and then the whitening gel. Use it twice a day and wait twenty minutes to eat or drink.

Dr. King: So you started here, and ended there. Four shades whiter.

Jan Jones: Oh wow! So it did work!

Dr. King: Yeah, t definitely worked.

Stephanie Fisher: Though all of our volunteers got slightly brighter smiles, Dr. King still says professional whitening almost always gives better results.

Dr. Debra King: A professionally fitted whitening tray actually does work better because it follows the curves of your teeth, and it covers the entire teeth.

Stephanie Fisher: Stephanie Fisher, CBS Atlanta News.

Professional whitening will cost you more that 0 if you get in-office treatment and anywhere from 0 to 0 for the take-home whitening trays. Keep in mind no matter what product you use, it’ll only whiten your teeth so that filling and crowns, well they won’t get any whiter. For more information on the products we just mentioned, go to and click on the health tab. You will find it under the headlines.

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