ASMR Spa Role Play: Skin Brightening & Teeth Whitening. Crinkles, Whispers, Tapping, English Accent

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Hi, everyone! So I caved and did a role play for you! I know, it’s been a long time, and last night I was *actually* feeling good enough to go the extra mile and act a bit for you guys. I hope you don’t hate my efforts, haha. One thing I will note: there are mild traffic sounds in this video. I wanted to go for a natural feel, not a “This is an ASMR video” quiet and sterile feel for this role play. So I only cut when absolutely necessary. I also took extra care to minimize the very loud sounds for your relaxation, such as the beeps and loud noises that came with some of the equipment I used in the video. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this attempt at a spa role play!

So, as for the asmr trigger sounds you’ll experience, you’ll have a lot to tingle from here. Hopefully you’re triggered by natural sounds like cars and crickets! Apart from those, there’s loads of soft speaking-to-whispers in this video, along with tapping, crinkling, scratching, mild machine sounds (quieter for your relaxation), and my attempt at doing an accent. There are typing sounds, footsteps, and other things as well in here. Hopefully something in this silly video will work for you. ^_^

I will attempt to put this on iTunes and Spotify if you think you would enjoy that. Perhaps I can post an assortment of my past role plays such as this, like my Cranial Nerve exam and past personal attention RPs. Please let me know if that is something that you would like. :)
I was told by my dear friend, Joe, not to apologize for or warn you about my English accent in this, because he knows I want to. So… I won’t. Happy, Joe? (Probably not :)


Instead of doing a haul, I decided to go for a role play, as I thought it would be a more relaxing way to share these items with you. Additionally, I was given a coupon code for you guys if you want to use it. Since I honestly loved the products I am sharing them with you. The facial lights are so cool, and I am going to use them and let you know if I see any improvement in my own skin. So if you like to receive 70% off any of these products that I used in the video, click the links below.
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This is the best toothbrush I’ve ever used, seriously. After the video I tested it out and I am never going back to normal toothbrushes. (teeth whitening)

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