Aim Naturals Organic Activated Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening | Review + Demo

Hey everyone!
Today’s video is a review of a great product I recently found! It is a 100% pure organic charcoal powder used for whitening teeth. It contains no other additives and is completely tasteless. The powder is very fine and easy to brush with.
I absolutely have noticed a huge change in my teeth after using this product. It is best used daily prior to your regular brushing routine.
The company, Aim Naturals, is a Canadian company and they are very helpful with their customer service. Currently their products are available only on Amazon, and the prices are very affordable!

This review was not sponsored. I’m saying nice things about this product because I enjoy it!

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Aim Naturals Organic Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit + Toothbrush

Aim Naturals Soft bristle bamboo toothbrush

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