[2016] *MY STORY* [Crest 3D] Teeth Whitening Strips GONE HORRIBLY WRONG

My experience with 3D Crest Teeth Whitening GONE HORRIBLY WRONG. My teeth were yellow and I wanted to whiten them and my options were to bleach them, use whitening strips, or to do laser whitening. My teeth became sensitive at first and it ruined my gum and enamel. The instructions were bad and after 2 weeks my mouth was rotten. This is my before and after video, honest review, my experience, horror story, of using this product and it did not work. How to whiten teeth, how do I get whiter teeth, what is the best teeth whitener?

“Crest 3D” “whitestrips” “before and after” “horror story” “honest review” “instructions” “how to whiten teeth” “my experience” “review”
“white teeth”

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