❶❷❸ Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit from Sexy Pucker

Getting your kisses on with whiter teeth should never be painful. Ouch!

Sexy Pucker’s Non-Peroxide Whitening Kit is perfect for people with sensitive teeth or if you experience discomfort with traditional whitening solutions.

The Non-Peroxide formula is completely pain free.

Each Sexy Pucker Non-Peroxide Whitening Kit comes with 10 pre-filled trays of professional grade whitening formula. You can set your own whitening schedule based on how long and how often you treat your teeth.

Also be sure to check out the Sexy Pucker website (http://sexypucker.me) for awesome videos, how to content, discounts and other promotions that make Sexy Pucker the best choice for whitening your teeth.

Now…get your little black book out, dial some digits and get your kisses on!


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