Teeth Whitening Trays Gives You Great Smile

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The typical procedure done in using the teeth whitening trays is by putting an ample amount of tooth gel on a mouth guard or a tray.

Teeth Whitening Trays

After that, you must put the tray in your mouth and fit it on your teeth. You must leave it there for a period of time.The best length of time is around 45 minutes to one hour. You must do this for about twice a week. Doing this too often may not be good, because it may cause damage to your tooth enamels.

Other people leave them on overnight. By doing this, you can see the radical change in just a matter of time. You can have that perfect result you desire. But some people claim that if it is put inside the mouth for a very long time, it may cause irritation, sensitivity and other side effects. It is also important to do some research and choose the best teeth whitening trays out there so that you can feel safe and confident in using legit product.:


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