Quick teeth whitening that really works!

In this video I show you how I whiten my teeth! This is a seven day treatment with pre-filled trays, in my opinion the easiest way to do teeth whitening at home. I love the simplicity and cleanliness of having pre-filled trays. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and share this video on Twitter and Pinterest, it helps me put so much you have no idea!

NOTE: The product in this video was send to me at no cost to me but the opinion’s in the video are my own.
I get probably 5 “offers” a day to do a “sponsored” video (and i’m still small, only imagine people with milions of subs) – companies offering some free products and a TINY bit of money, but I turn down 99% of them, because A) the products are shit.. and I don’t wanna lie or give out information that isnt true, I tell all of them to feel free to send me the products, and if I actually love the product, i’ll feature it in one of my videos.. but i’m not promising anything. and B) the amount of money they offer for me to do a “sponsored” video, is so minimal, that it’s simply not worth my time setting up lights, record, edit .. etc, spend hours making a sponsored “commercial”
It’s a lot of work, and I work full time in the Salon and don’t want to give up what little free time I do have, making a video for some random company for a few $. (and I really mean a FEW $.. ) but like I said, I always invite the companies to send me the products, and i’ll try them out, (what girl wouldn’t want free stuff) and If I actually Love the product, i’ll ask for more and include it in a video.. but my voice isn’t for sale. This product is actually great, and I used the product before I decided to do a video about it and asked the company to send me another package.

Love you all! xx

Product link & discount code:

Get your 7 day smile pack for only with Coupon Code: SmileDaz424

Thats 70% off the original 9.99. pretty awesome deal.
Click here: http://dazzlepro.com/7-day-smilepacks

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