Professional Teeth Whitening in Jupiter Florida

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Stated briefly, the surface of the teeth is comprised of microscopic tubules – very

much like little, slim tubes. These “tubes” are very porous in nature, and pigments from your

food as well as liquid refreshments are absorbed, which then causes the unsightly stains.
In the event that these pigments are not taken off immediately, they

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surface of the teeth over time, which in turn causes the teeth to become discolored o yellow.

If you want to enjoy a smile which could make folks stop and stare, the answer is getting rid

of these tints and debris to ensure that your naturally white teeth are healthy and bright.

Teeth Whitening in our Jupiter,Fl office by John Sarno DMD

Professional teeth whitening is definitely the best way to improve the brightness of your

smile. The best professional teeth whitening procedure is done by a Doctor of Medical

Dentistry. Home tooth whitening gels can damage the enamel of the teeth. It is always best

to have a professional tooth whitening dentist like John Sarno DMD of Jupiter,Florida to

administer the teeth whitening treatment.

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