My TEETH (Before & After) Invisalign, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Veneers

This video demonstrates how Invisalign can be used to guide teeth into the proper position. The upper right canine (snaggle tooth) was blocked due to a lack of space. With Invisalign, space…

invisalign cases before and after with simulation.

Full Case Study at: Using the exclusive VENLAY® restorations, combined with Face Lift Dentistry® treatment, the patient’s…

509.232.7223 Grummons Orthodontics in Spokane WA highlights before and after treatment results for multiple types of treatment options including Invisalign,…

INVISALIGN EXPERIENCE* This video talks about my invisalign experience. Info: #of trays: 35 Issue: top right crooked teeth, overbite Price: 5000$

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Invisalign Before

Invisalign Before

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