Laser Teeth Whitening by Doctor Smile System, Italy

The diode laser is becoming more and more well
established in dental practices. Recently, in the late
90s, it has been introduced into the market for
treatment of oral diseases. So far, only few cases
(bibliography) have shown how effective this type of
laser is for oral surgery, periodontal pockets and
endodontic treatment. In aesthetic dentistry it is used to
activate chemical processes which associate, different
products like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide to clean
and remove pigments from enamel.
Being so versatile, pratical, reliable and cheap makes
this laser an instrument which turns out to be an
excellent alternative not only in the conventional
surgical therapy in treating oral cavity desease, but also
in correcting aesthetic defects, curing vascular diseases,
and curing periimplantitis, orthodontic problems, and
periodental pockets.
A lasers wavelength determines many of its properties
and capabilities because different wavelengths are
absorbed by the tissue at varying rates. Specific
wavelengths can enable greater precision and accuracy, while minimizing the potential risk of lateral tissue
damage caused by traditional dental equipment (which requires greater power heat to perform
equivalent tasks).
Lasers are ubiquitous in the medical field, used routinely in ophthalmology (eye care), plastic surgery, ENT
ear, nose & throat, and gynecological surgery.

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