Ionic Pearl At-Home Teeth Whitening Device: How to Use

Here is a brief video to show you how to your your Pearl at-home teeth whitening device.

To get started, remove the Pearl from the clam shell. The reusable, double-biting mouth tray is soft and comfortable. Next, take two gel tubes out of the package. Every Pearl treatment requires two full gel tubes. Twist off the safety seal of the first gel tube, and squeeze the entire contents into one side of the mouth tray between the two pinholes. You can use the tip of the tube to help evenly spread the gel, and ensure that the strips are covered. Now, turn the Pearl device over.

Twist off the safety seal of the second gel tube and squeeze the entire contents into the mouth tray, ensuring that the metal strips are covered. Press the grey power button to activate the Pearl.

Turn the device over and you’ll see thne indicator light change to green after a few seconds. The device is now ready for treatment. Place the device in your mouth with the indicator light facing up. The device has a self-timer so it will turn itself off when the 5 minute treatment is done. Remove the device and rinse your mouth with warm water.

To clean the Pearl device, ensure that the indicator light is off, and then use your toothbrush and running water to quickly and thoroughly remove the remaining gel from the tray. Do not use your fingers to wash out the tray, also be careful not to immerse the Pearl handle while rinsing.

For best results, avoid eating, drinking, and smoking for 30 minutes after your treatment.

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