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What it is:
A groundbreaking, at-home teeth whitening system that uses innovative, patent-pending technology to deliver professional, clinically-proven, long-lasting results.

What it does:
This kit gives you professional quality teeth whitening results at-home—up to eight shade changes-with an average of five shades in five days with no sensitivity. The GLO Device, when used with the GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Gels and GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Mouthpiece, uses the patented Guided Light Optics Technology and illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms up. The light and heat accelerate the GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Gel giving you faster, longer-lasting results. You’re in control, your smile can get as white and as bright as can be.

This set contains:
– GLO Brilliant™ whitening mouthpiece and case
– GLO Brilliant™ Whitening Gels (G-Vials) 10pk refill
– GLO™ Control
– GLO™ charging dock
– USB power plug
– GLO™ Lip Care
– GLO™ travel bag

What else you need to know:
The key to GLO’s innovation is the patent-pending GLO™ Whitening Mouthpiece—which combines heat and light built directly into its closed system, form-fitting design. The GLO™ Control features an automatic, hands-free design, with pre-timed eight-minute session intervals for easy use. This device set includes 10 G-Vials, or 40 applications. Additional G-Vials can be purchased separately. The custom formulated GLO™ Whitening Gels feature a highly viscous, thixotropic whitening, 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gel that stays on teeth when applied with GLO’s patent-pending G-Vial whitening gel delivery system. The GLO™ Whitening Gel goes on easily, stays put on your teeth, does not migrate onto the gums, and does not contain alcohol, which are leading causes of sensitivity. Each G-Vial contains enough whitening gel for 4 consecutive applications. To use the G-Vials, apply a thin layer over your teeth. After one full G-Vial application, you will get more familiar with the application process, making your next session even faster and easier.

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