In-office teeth whitening treatment (NORWEGIAN)

Brilliant Smile is the leading system in Sweden for safe and effective teeth whitening and the results are very evident — in average 7 shades whiter for one full in-office treatment. Repeat treatments are normally not required in order to achieve satisfactory results.

The Brilliant Smile in-office treatment is perfect for those who want fast and effective results – conveniently. The in-office treatment is performed at the clinic at one occasion, and it takes in total 1-1.5 hours. It begins with teeth polishing to remove surface stains, and then gingival protection is applied along the gum line to protect the gums from the gel. There is no need to cover all soft tissue, as the activation light is free from harmful wavelengths. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied directly to the teeth, and the dark gel absorbs the blue plasma light. The plasma light itself does not bleach, its purpose is to speed up the bleaching process by activating the gel. Throughout the treatment the gel is applied 3 times.

When using other teeth whitening systems, side effects such as sensitivity and shooting pains are very common. Luckily, side effects are very rare with the Brilliant Smile system. The main reason for this is that we only use bleaching gels with neutral pH value (7), which means the bleaching will not alter the enamel structure or etch the tooth surface. In addition, our preparations contain ingredients that ease sensitivity, strengthen the teeth and repair damage to the tooth enamel. As a result, the patient will in the end get healthier and stronger teeth.

Another typical source of sensitivity can be light units that give off heat, such as laser. This is very painful and uncomfortable for the patient and can actually harm the dental nerve permanently. The Brilliant Smile Plasma LED light unit is very efficient without giving off heat. Furthermore, plasma light is within the visible spectrum, thus it is completely free from carcinogenic UV light and harmful wavelengths.

At the end of treatment, NanoSeal Total+ is applied to the teeth. This is a solution containing nano structured fluoride which rebuilds and remineralizes the enamel instantly. Application of NanoSeal Total+ minimizes sensitivity and also allows the patient to eat and drink anything directly after treatment.

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