How To Whiten Teeth – Best Teeth Whitening Kit

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We guarantee you…
Whiter teeth within 1 application
8 shades lighter within the full process
Use everyday for 1st 7-10 days for best results
Results that last up to 2 years
You can avoid costly and time consuming dental treatments with our specialised home teeth whitening kit that is quick to use, inexpensive and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Our teeth whitening kits provide you with instant results, leaving you with a whiter smile within just 30 MINUTES. For the best results, use for at least 3 minutes per day for the first 7-10 days. If you have the time you can use twice per day for faster results.
Conventional whitening treatment can cost anywhere up to £500, whereas our teeth whitening products guarantee a brighter smile from just £19.99.
So, what do you get with Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kit?
Unique, Safe and Effective Gel
The secret to our teeth whitening kits lies in the gel used to whiten your teeth. Our unique formula allows you to whiten your teeth in just 30 minutes, which means it’s fast and convenient.
So unlike many other whitening gels on the market, our gel breaks down straight away to give you a full whitening session. As soon as you put the gel in your mouth the power of our sodium perborate is unleashed and the whitening effect begins.
These added ingredients help not only speed up and enhance the results you see, but they also help promote healthier teeth and gums. This means you will need less treatments to get the results you desire and you will get a whiter, stain-free and healthier smile
At Mint Cosmetics, we have created specifically designed mouth pieces that even surpass the costly mouth guards used by dental professionals.
Acclaimed by industry experts as the best on the market, the Mint Cosmetics mouthguard is a comfortable fit that you can wear around the house or office.
This EVA food grade material is very easy to use. Simply place into freshly boiled water for between 6-10 seconds and mould to your own teeth. The customised mould helps with the efficiency of the gel, meaning you do not need to use as much gel as with generic moulds are badly fitted ones.
Not only do we provide with THE most effective gel on the market and THE best customising moulds, our kit is filled with extra delights to ensure you have the ultimate teeth whitening experience.
We offer a full instruction manual with step by step guides and a complete list of do and do not’s as well as an instructional DVD to help with a visual aid on how to use our product.
Mint Cosmetics also provides you with extra goodies such as an applicator tip (to help with precision when applying the gel), a teeth shade guide so you can follow your progression and a handy mouth tray case to keep your moulds safe.
All of this within packaging that has saw us described as the “Gucci” of teeth whitening – you really will make the right choice purchasing our kit today.
Our formula complies with all UK and EU regulations relating to teeth whitening. This process is 1 step process in which you place our unique gel in the mouth tray for only 30 minutes at a time.
Oxygen is the key active ingredient in the tooth whitening process. Our 0.16% Sodium Perborate formula releases hydrogen peroxide to ensure your teeth get the maximum level of whitening.
Oxygen molecules work hard to remove deep down staining to leave your teeth brighter and whiter.
You can reduce the time it takes to whiten your teeth and also reduce the risks of tooth sensitivity by opting for our premium teeth whitening product.
Mint Cosmetics UK is a unique gel formula, one of the most powerful paint-on formulation on the market.
Don’t waste your time and money using whitening systems that are time consuming and uncomfortable. Try Mint Cosmetics premier home teeth whitening kit today. We can offer the best moulded mouth guards and the fastest acting whitening gel on the market for effective home teeth whitening.
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