How is laser teeth whitening done & is it safe? – Dr. Mohammed Fayaz Pasha

Teeth whitening is done nowadays very regularly and of course it is safe. Generally the teeth whitening is called as a procedure called as bleaching where we use some chemicals like hydrogen peroxide in few concentrations on the teeth and we use laser light to activate these things which in turn will cause the whitening of teeth. So what happens in laser, we do apply the material on the teeth surface. We make sure to avoid the bleaching material with the gingiva that is the gums. Hence apply the laser light on it. There is a definite timing for the laser to effect on the teeth and definitely it is safe and we have to take some safety measures for the patient and the dentist so that the laser light will not cause any harm to the eyes or any parts of the body. After certain tile with the laser light say 1 hour or 45minutes, depending on the programmes, for whitening, we remove the laser light and then we clean and remove the bleaching material will give enough results for the teeth whitening and his depends on repeating the sessions for one or two or three cycles, on the amount of teeth that are stained and the colour of the teeth and the amount of whitening we want to achieve. So the laser teeth whitening teeth whitening, is safe and it can be done routinely and there are no clinical requirements or no special protective later. Other than that it is quite safe.

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