How I keep my teeth white || Natural teeth whitening!

After my previous bad experience with teeth bleaching ( I’ve been pretty averse to all sorts of whitening kits, and I’ve said no to so many offers to try more of them… but this one caught my eye – natural, safe and based on things I’d tried before. I’m so glad I gave it a go and have added these things to my dental hyginene routine!
(I’m going to continue using the charcoal until I run out, and I’ll try to keep up with the oil pulling too – I bought some coconut oil, but I’ll have to fix the flavor issue. haha)

Here’s my review of the electric toothbrush:

And here’s Carbon Coco’s website and Instagram, if you’re interested:



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I have fairly good understanding of Spanish and French too.

Is YouTube your job?
– Not by any means.
I work for a large cleaning company, but these days I’m mostly a personal assistant to an elderly lady!

How often do you upload?
– Every time I can!!! Having a set schedule is impossible, but I try my best, and *usually* do 2-3 videos a week. :)

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