HappySmileUK.com CP (Advanced) Gel For Teeth Whitening

HappySmileUK dentist teeth whitening gels now available in 10%, 16% 22% carbamide peroxide and hydrogen formulas. It is the most highest quality dentist whitening gel available.

HappySmile CP (Advanced) formula tooth whitening gel is safe & effective, fluoride releasing, neutral PH, Soothers & Conditioners,10% 16% & 22% Carbamide peroxide, High viscosity thicker gel for more rapid even results. 3ml size tubes. Great taste. Dentist approved formula. Free UK delivery. Order online today from http://www.happysmileuk.com or call 0208 123 0834. Affordable teeth whitening gel kit prices, starter packs from just £14.99. Fast speedy delivery. Used by dentists & patients for professional at home teeth whitening treatment. (Please keep HappySmile CP gels cool & store in the fridge). UK delivery by Royal Mail 1 to 3 days). We provide same day dispatch. Order tracking available. (This is a professional dental teeth bleaching product please always keep tooth whitening gel away from small children and read the instructions before use.)

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