Does Tooth Whitening make your teeth sensitive? – Dr. Shamaz Mohamed

Many people ask does tooth whitening causes sensitivity of the teeth? Yes, tooth whitening causes sensitivity of the teeth? Usually the dentist diagnose the reason for sensitivity before starting tooth whitening . The reasons may include extensive decay, abrasions, attritions or grinding of the outer layer of the teeth, that is referred to as enamel so when the dentin is usually exposed, there is usually sensitivity. So the dentist should take care of precautions before whitening of the teeth so the precautions do include restorating the teeth that are extensively decayed or restoring the abraded teeth. So once the tooth whitening is done, polishing using prophylactic paste containing fluoride is usually carried out. So this usually reduces the sensitivity. Sensitivity after whitening of the teeth are usually treatable as well as reversible. So it takes a couple of days for the sensitivity to subside, the dentist may also recommend certain medications including tooth pastes like sensodyne for reducing sensitivity.

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