Dentist Cleveland Brisbane Provides Teeth Whitening Dental Treatment

Cleveland Dentist Brisbane Provides Teeth Whitening Dental Treatment. More info at:

Tooth Whitening

For a smile that lights up any room, come and see us for a tooth whitening treatment that will lighten and brighten your smile.

Whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure designed to remove the stains and discolouration on teeth, as well as lighten pigmentation within tooth enamel.

Here at Cleveland Clinic Dental we aspire for our patients to feel confident in their smiles. We offer in-office and take-home teeth bleaching to restore shine and luster to teeth affected by staining agents in food, beverages, and tobacco.
In office tooth whitening.

Transforming your smile

With our latest technology -ZOOM- Whitespeed In about an hour you can transform your smile, making your teeth up to five shades lighter. We also make custom bleach trays for you so you can maintain your new radiant smile at home with a take-home touch up kit.
Home tooth whitening.

Transforming your smile in the comfort of your own home with the use of custom made bleaching trays. At home whitening involves applying the bleach for 45minutes a day for around 2 weeks.

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