Beauty Union Teeth Whitening Strips Review

Slight improvement, maybe removed some surface stains. Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

The teeth whitening kit contains 14 individual packs of whitening strips for both your top and bottom teeth and the instructions state that you should use 1 pair of strips everyday for 30 minutes for 2 weeks straight. In addition to the strips, you’ll receive a color chart so you can track the progress of your whitening and compare the results before and after.

The strips were a bit trickier to apply than others that I’ve used because your teeth have to be dry. It helps to use a tissue to wipe the surface of your teeth first for better adhesion. As soon as the strips come in contact with your saliva though, they get very slippery and become hard to adhere to your teeth. The gel has a minty flavor like toothpaste and is mildly spicy. They also sometimes got stuck to the inside of the foil bags. A few individual strips were misshapen, because I had they in my travel toiletries and the got squished. The gel is super thick and is difficult to rinse out of your mouth after you discard the strips.

The instructions do note that you are not to brush our teeth within 1 hr preceding the use of these strips. I didn’t notice a ton of whitening after 2 weeks. It may be because my teeth weren’t all that dark to begin with. In natural lighting, my teeth look pretty white but the deep stain/color in my teeth is still there. I’m not convinced this product actually penetrates your teeth to remove deep stains. It may only be removing surface stains which, unfortunately, could be detrimental to your tooth health due to etching from the citric acid which is a main ingredient in this whitening kit.

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