At Home Teeth Whitening with Colgate® Optic White®

Learn the smart side of beautiful with Colgate® Optic White®. A whiter, more beautiful smile can be yours when you whiten your teeth at home with Colgate® Optic White®.

So how exactly can you enhance your smile with the Optic White® 360® Toothbrush + Teeth Whitening Pen? Whitening at home is as simple as 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Brush.
Specially designed polishing bristles and stain removers will help to remove surface stains from teeth.

Step 2. Whiten.
Apply the teeth whitening gel directly to your teeth. 2 Clicks for the top of your teeth, 2 clicks for the bottom should do it.

Step 3. Go.
That’s it. Let the whitening power of hydrogen peroxide get to work.

No Mess. No Waiting. No Rinsing.
Whitening your teeth at home has never been easier.

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