AMAZING easy FAST cheap DIY teeth WHITENING results (baking soda bi carb) – VINTAGIOUS

I was so shocked to see these results in just 2 weeks. Bye bye Austin Powers Hello Simon Cowell – well, that’s a bit extreme but you know what I mean!

In this video I show you how I used bi carbonate of soda, ‘baking soda’ to lighten my teeth. I only used it for 2 minutes a day for 14 days and the results are amazing. I wish I had used one of those shade guides so i knew the exact difference. I know I still have stains but they are SO much better it’s brilliant!!
Hair isn’t the most important thing in the world but, sometimes knowing you have a super cool ‘do’ can make you smile and that can only be a good thing right?

Welcome to Vintagious, here, in my own litttle corner of Youtube I will show you how to create beautiful hairstyles from all eras. Sure, my main focus is on simple vintage hairstyling but I also love easy modern styles.

I don’t have a favourite era, it changes all the time. One day it’ll be Edwardian hairstyles that I’m all over, the next, pinup girl hair, the next I’ll be all about Greek Goddesses and their crazy Barnets! I just love it all!

I do hope that you enjoy my videos and that you can learn something from them, even just a tiny bit – and even if you learn nothing I hope that they make you smile.

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