Active Wow Teeth Whitening Product Review

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Tooth discoloration is an extremely common condition that is characterized by a yellowing or a browning of the external enamel layers of the teeth.

Caused by a wide range of sources from the tannins in tea and coffee to poor oral hygiene, tooth discoloration is harmless from a health perspective, but produces an unwanted cosmetic effect that many seek to minimize.

There are thousands of different teeth whitening products available on the market today, ranging from DIY home solutions to incredibly expensive laser or UV clinical teeth whitening.

The vast amount of differing products can make it difficult to determine which teeth whitening solution is an effective and healthy choice.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening is a new teeth whitening solution that leverages the abrasive but gentle power of charcoal to naturally whiten teeth.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Active Wow Teeth Whitening solution and find out if it delivers any advantages over other teeth whitening brands to help you find out whether it’s the right choice for you.

What is Active Wow Teeth Whitening?

Active Wow is unique teeth whitening formulation that uses activated coconut charcoal powder to whiten teeth in a natural and chemical-free manner.

Sourced from high-quality coconut, the activated charcoal in Active Wow promises to provide fast and effective whitening that is easy on gums and gentle on enamel.

Using activated charcoal to whiten teeth, provided the method works, offers a number of distinct advantages over many of the other teeth whitening solutions available on the market today. Most at-home teeth whitening solutions use hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth.

This practice, although permitted by the FDA, is incredibly dangerous- hydrogen peroxide, when ingested, can cause abdominal pain, burn the oesophagus, induce abdominal distension and even cause uncontrollable vomiting. Hydrogen peroxide is not a chemical you want anywhere near your mouth or throat.

Another popular solution, the home remedy of teeth whitening, involves brushing the teeth with sodium bicarbonate or silica powder to abrade away the discolored layer of enamel that causes teeth discoloration.

This practice, while effective once or twice, can actually abrade away the entire enamel layer of the teeth, revealing the dentin layer inside and causing serious dental health complications.

Activated charcoal offers a neutral, chemical free way to naturally whiten teeth- but how does it work? Let’s take a look at the scientific evidence that supports the use of charcoal as a teeth whitening agent:

How Does Active Wow Teeth Whitening Whiten Teeth?

The core concept behind the inclusion of activated charcoal in the Active Wow formula is that the abrasive nature of charcoal powder is able to scrape away the buildup that causes discoloration without damaging the enamel of the teeth.

There are a few scientific clinical trials that have pointed to the use of activated charcoal as an effective tool for whitening teeth, such as a 2014 Nigerian dental study that states charcoal can be used to improve oral health and whiten teeth, but as the practice is relatively new, there are few medical investigations on the subject.

Charcoal powder is a highly absorbent substance that, in theory, is able to absorb the bacteria and debris that can cause teeth discoloration.

Some facts to consider are that activated charcoal has been found in a scientific study to be more abrasive than toothpaste and has even been demonstrated to reduce the total structural integrity of cast magnesium alloys via an abrasive mechanism.

It’s safe to say that Active Wow can definitely whiten the teeth by abrading away the outer layer of the teeth, but should only be used sparingly, as charcoal powder is a powerful abrasive that can even abrade magnesium alloy.

The enamel layer of the teeth is one of the few external parts of the body that can’t regenerate, so it’s important to treat these areas with care.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Review Summary

While the practice of brushing the teeth with activated charcoal is relatively new, it seems to have promise as a teeth whitening solution.

The “activated” aspect of the charcoal used in Active Wow is essentially redundant, as it’s the abrasive properties of charcoal powder that provide the whitening function of the product.

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