14 Simple Teeth Whitening Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! DIY Teeth Whitening Hacks!

In this video, I’m going to present 14 natural teeth whitening life hacks and home remedies to help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile, all with easily obtainable ingredients. Teeth whitening doesn’t always mean paying that delightful trip to the dentist and spending hundreds of dollars.

1. Banana peel teeth whitening at home remedy 0:48

The riper the banana, the better, because those contain more minerals that will actually remove stains from your teeth. Rub the insides of the it on your teeth, going up and down, for about 2 minutes, ensuring that you coat as much of your teeth as possible. Not only will the stain-busting minerals seep in to brighten and whiten your teeth, but the peel also has as a gentle exfoliating effect, which will especially help to remove stains on the surface of your teeth. After the 2 minutes have passed, leave your teeth exposed for at least 5 minutes. After the time has passed, brush your teeth with some toothpaste and continue to do this for about 1-2 weeks.

2. Whiten teeth with strawberries life hack 1:55

Dental experts even attest to the effectiveness of strawberries for teeth cleaning. Mash them with a fork until it looks like a pulp. Then brush your teeth with it for about a minute. They contain both citric and malic acid, citric is more adverse for your teeth, however the malic acid is more gentle and will help to break down plaque, which will in turn make your teeth appear much whiter.

3. Whiten teeth with strawberries and baking soda 2:55

Sprinkle in a teaspoon of baking soda. Form into a paste and begin brushing it on your teeth for a minute like before. The baking soda works as a mild abrasive, scratching away even more surface stains and making your teeth appear whiter.

4. Drink through a straw 3:24

Now for this next quick hack, when you drink your fruit juice, soda, coffee, tea, and even red wine, you want to sip these drinks through a straw. this may be tacky, but these drinks are the biggest culprits of cavities and yellow teeth. Drinking these stain-causing beverages through a straw will direct the beverage to the back of your mouth, minimizing exposure to your teeth.

5. How to whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda 3:54

This next home remedy consists of combining two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of baking soda, to create a simple but effective paste. Once you’re finished, it’s important to rinse your mouth of the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, or else it could cause increased sensitivity in your teeth, you may see results almost instantly, with even better results over the coming days.

6. Teeth whitening with lemon juice and baking soda 4:35

The lemon is going to act as our bleaching agent. We want to make a paste out of this so that it’s easy to apply on our teeth, so I got a half teaspoon of baking soda in a small bowl, with a few drops of lemon. I’m going to mix then coat this mixture on my teeth using my fingers. Once you do that, brush your teeth for 1 to 2 minutes. Don’t go any longer than this because the baking soda may be destructive to your teeth if left in your mouth for an extended period of time. At this point, we want to thoroughly rinse our mouth and toothbrush with water, guaranteeing that there’s no baking soda residue left.

7. Whiten teeth with orange peels 5:28

I discovered a number of dental hygienists claiming that orange peels do have a minimal whitening effect, thanks to the beneficial citric acids in the peel. We want to rub the insides on every corner of our teeth. After doing this, let it set in for about 4 to 5 minutes. Orange peels can dissolve your enamel and essentially cause your teeth to rot if you do this long term. Once the 4 to 5 minutes have passed, swish your mouth out with water and you’re all finished.

8. Teeth whitening at home using bread, burnt toast 6:30

Simply burn your toast. Rub the toast on your teeth for 3-4 minutes. This age old remedy is supposed to remove plaque, which in turn will make your teeth appear less stained and more white. After 3 to 4 minutes have elapsed, rinse your mouth out and give your teeth a good scrubbing with some toothpaste. I think I’d like to propose a toast to this life hack.

9. Whiten teeth with apple cider vinegar 7:30

Pour some in a cup along with water and swish it around in your mouth for about a minute. It is acidic and quite unpleasant. However, apple cider vinegar is readily used as a bleaching agent that eats away at teeth stains and brightens teeth with consistent use. Spit out the vinegar water after 1 minute.

10. Toothpaste + Salt 8:28

The salt makes the toothpaste gritty, which is going to help you really get in there and scrub off those stubborn stains and help remove discoloration that ordinary toothpaste can’t really do alone.

11. Apples (nature’s toothbrush) 8:55
12. Replace toothbrush 9:36
13. Whiten teeth with dark chocolate 9:55
14. Sugar-free chewing gum between meals 10:34

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