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I love to drink coffee.

I enjoy black tea and the occasional glass of wine.

I’m addicted to berries and love sweets!

I’m getting older every day. (who isn’t?)

All of these factors contribute to teeth yellowing and becoming discolored.

If you smoke or use chewing tobacco – this is even worse!

10 years ago I could have cared less if my teeth were white and sparkly. I mean – I brush them and floss (or try to!) daily. I even use mouthwash occasionally :)

But a few years ago I noticed that my 2 cups of coffee habit was starting to take its toll on my teeth.

As I filmed more and more videos – I could especially notice the yellowing of my teeth when I wore a white shirt.

The final straw that forced me to look into this was when I read research on how whiter teeth led to making more money and being able to negotiate better for a job and higher salary.

Seriously – yellow teeth can negatively affect your earning power.

So for these reasons – I created this guide and I even did a detailed review on how I whitened my own teeth painlessly in a week.

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Today I’m going to discuss why you should have a white, crisp, clean smile.

I’ll also share with you how to go about using the different options available to make it happen.

Disclaimer: I made every effort to provide meaningful information, based on accurate and recognized research. I also consulted several dentists while compiling this information. Despite this, I am not a doctor, dentist, or dental hygienist and therefore cannot provide medical or dental advice. Maybe if I played a dentist on TV I could – but this is just my opinion and experience. The information presented here is relevant only to the appearance of your teeth and smile in respect of personal style. Before pursuing any treatment presented or advice given I recommend that you consult with a relevant, accredited professional.

OK – now that that’s out of the way – let’s get into the teeth whitening tips and guide.

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